Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Maternity Shoot

Been into the photography for 2 1/2 years. I started photography for my family. When I started I don't know on what kind of photography I want. But now I'm doing portraits. Portraits to start a family.

But then just this year I'm planning to start other fields like wedding.... Let's see if I will succeed... hehehehehe

Holy Week @ Dakak

Looking forward for the holy week. I got our reservation fully paid. This will be the first holy week that we'll be spending not at our home. For the past few months been too busy so we all deserved this vacation.

Big school for my kids

Went to Assumption and inquired about the addmission's requirements for Prep. We found out that the age limit for PREP is 5 years and 6 months. So Keyanna should be in Kinder. They said that they are so strict in terms of age but we ask them to let my baby take the exam for prep and if she fails then we can't do anything about it. The registrar told us that if she passed the exam the committee will talk about it first.

March 15, 2008 Keyanna took the exam and during our interview Teacher Pau told us that SHE PASSED the exam for PREP and she really did well on the exam. I'm so proud of you anak!!!

Keyanna's Bloopers

1. Scene: Auntie Lay is playing her PSP. I forgot the game but it's for adults
Yndee: Autie pag big na ako pag may dede na ako pwede na ako play nyan?

2. Scene: I scolded yndee for not wearing her slippers so he ask her kuya to get her slippers for her
Yndee: Kuya pakuha nga slippers ko sa babay
Kuya: ok.. wait....
Kuya: Be ( shortcut for baby) nde ko makita eh.
Yndee: Hmpf! ako na nga! ( going down with heavy footsteps .. )

3. Scene: Celebrating new year's eve
Yndee: Tatay new year na... big na ako.. pwede na mag crush?

4. Scene: I will attend a party and ask my "BEAUTICIAN" to help me to be look alike of Beyonce. Yndee is quietly observing and she ask:
Yndee: Boy ka ba or girl?
Nanay: Beh girl sya
Yndee: ikaw din girl?

5. Christmas season and syempre this is the months for kids as they say "Kid's Month" or Kids's Christmas.. Every christmas Yndee has lots of gifts to open. This year 2008 medyo mas may isip na sya. Everytime she will open a gift she will read it out loud like "To Keyanna. Merry Christmas and happy new year! From Ninong/ninang" and then will say "Kuya I have a present again".

Will update and will try to remember all...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentines @ Tagaytay

Went to Tagaytay with kids for our post Valentine's celebration. We ate our lunch and merienda at Sonya's garden. Of course not a favorite food for the kids but they do have breads and cheese for them to love.. hehehehehe Honeypie doesn't like to eat veggie salad but sa kaswertihang palad kumain naman sya and guess what nabusog sya sa mga DAMO DAMO sa sonya's... After eating at sonya's as a reward to Honeypie we went to Bag of Beans which is one of his favorite place at Tagaytay... We went home with our favorite food Cheese Hopia from Sonya's and Cinnamon with raisin Loaf from Bag of Beans and Buko Pie and Kapeng Barako from Aling Maria