Wednesday, July 30, 2008

you know tea in the streets with milk?

For three days in Thailand, I've been looking for the tea they are using in their milk tea... Since some of the Thailander can't understand English that well, this is the line that I'm using to describe what I want - thai Tea

There are two styles of Thai iced tea: with or without milk. Tea with milk is called cha yen. Tea without milk is called cha dum yen.

You will see small coffee/tea shops sprinkled all over Thailand. Thai people like their iced tea on the go and take it with them in a small plastic bag with a straw sticking out. Even buying softdrinks, it's in a small plastic bag with crushed ice. Very few people sit at the shop and drink it leisurely. In fact, many shops have no place to sit.

Woohoo.. I'm so happy to have 2 canisters of this Thai Tea...

hhhmmm... next stop Tagaytay

Sitting in front of my laptop and got no rest from the airport... eto na naman ako thinking of the next getaway... On top of my list is Cambodia, next is Macau... Sagada, Caramoan, Bacalod.. and of course El Nido. But with these list I wanted to have a side trip to Tagaytay this August.. This place was been our favorite gimmik for the family not only for the COFFEE and Hopia at Sonya's garden.. But with busy time, with extra money and time we always like to visit this place to relax...

waaahhh I want cheese hopia.....

missing my cupcakes

Been 5 days away with my cupcakes.. The time they saw me, my cupcake yndee shouted "nanayyyyy" she gave me a hug. Same with my cupcake Nathan.. Unlike before whenever we get back from out of town trip parang wala lang.. Maybe because they are grown ups now...

So touching to hear my cupcakes saying that they missed me so much...
But I also need quality time with my honeypie.. I really wanted to take my cupcakes with this trip but since this is our anniversary and MUST also have a time together alone with honeypie...

Some might say corny.... Some might raise their eyebrows on me... I love my cupcakes and I love my honeypie... Both of them is very special to my heart... Both have a different place in my heart.. Though I enjoyed the trip, there's still in me saying that I missed these two cupcakes of my life...


This will be a very special day for us. Will be moving to our new HOME. Finally after 5 years I survived and was able to move on... To all my friends please share this happiness with me. You know who you are...

Thank you all for the support. I am happy to tell you that I SURVIVED!

7th year anniversary at Thailand

It's been two months the last time I blogged. Last month we had our trip at Coron, Palawan. I really love the place. So relaxing. So worth of money. I highly recommend this place. Anyway I'll write a separate entry about this.

First Day in Thailand

Arrived at Bangkok Airport around 2 am in the morning. There was supposed to be a taxi driver who will pick up straight from the airport going to our hotel and it so happened that we had a miscommunication. After waiting for almost 20 mins at gate 3 of Suvarnabhimi Airport, I called Kasem and he's still sleeping so I decided to get a taxi airport. I was informed that from the airport there are lots of taxi so without hesitation we went to the airport to find a taxi but since it's already past 2 am I got the taxi for 400 Baht.

In our hotel which I booked it online and expecting that we can have a good sleep, the receptionist told me that they are fully booked. WHAT??!!! FULLY BOOKED!!! Since I am not in my country and since the receptionist speak a little of english I/We asked him to look for another hotel for us. Well, Ton ( from which I heard but hubby told me that his name is john ) booked us to Bangkok guest. A bit pricey but since I am so tired and don't know that much in bangkok I got no choice. We ride a taxi from Sukhumvit to petchaburi Road where Bangkok Guest house is. The hotel is nice of course with a thailand style. About 3am in the morning I can't still sleep I took pictures of the toilet which have a nice tub and shower and it really feels that I am a tourist from another country but with unexplainable reason the pictures I took was not in my CF. Maybe because I got drunk and I accidentally formatted my CF.

We woke up around 7am in the morning. We had our breakfast nearby the street of phaya tai station. I don't know what noodle is that but one thing I like is the Thai Tea you can buy in the streets. I have difficulty telling the vendor what I want and how much. They cannot understand english. For 5 days this pointing finger is our buddy. Use the charm of this pointing finger in order to survive in Thailand. Thai tea is around 15Baht and the noodle is 35 baht After having our breakfast we look for a foreign exchange booth coz I don't want to withdraw from an ATM machine.

Second Day

We headed to Chatuchak by taxi around 100 Baht but we had a stop at Gems gallery. If you have a money (literally money!) I think this place is for you. You can find the most beautiful stones ( as the tourist guide is saying ) in the world. The cheapest price I saw is around 35thou Baht. So didn't spend too much time coz CAN'T afford.. hehehehehe

In Chatuchak, my eyes pops out. Of course, TIANGGE!!!! so ikot ikot ikot.. as usual napagod si hubby.. I can say that medyo same as greenhills. Of course much cheaper kasi from Bangkok naman galing mga clothes sa greenhills. I got lots of insense, rugs, clothes at small kikay stuff for my kids and home. We ate at this called something like "Boat noodle". The noodle is really good. Around 35 Baht. I got pictures of the noodle and the cheapy restaurant pero as I said earlier I got drunk at Pattaya and I accidentally formatted my CF.

Around 430pm the tourist van pick up us from the hotel and we go straight to Pattaya. About 2 1/2 hours away from Bangkok. From there ang unang bubungad sa iyo is bar with "Lady Boy" gro. So si hubby medyo busy ang mata sa pagtingin tingin. The van dropped us to our hotel around 7pm and they will come back around 8pm for the Alcazar show.

In the Alcazar show, the first spot you can see at the entrance is the beautiful lady boys smiling asking for a picture of course with TIP! If you're really a nice guy hihilahin ka talaga nila and will force you to give them money. Well I feel so pity for the girls in pattaya kasi maganda naman talaga sila. Pag naman di pa sila gumanda sa paggastos ng 200thou Baht just to have a P#ssy eh ewan ko na lang. Sobrang puti, sobrang sexy so impossibleng di mo sila titignan. We enjoyed the show. Mala broadway ang dating. Photos are not allowed inside pero dahil matigas ang ulo ko nakapag picture ako.. Pero again nakarma ako.. I got drunk and I accidentally formatted my CF... huhuhuhu

After the show we had bar hopping. We went to a dancing club.. Daming girls na nagsasayaw not Lady boy... Medyo nakakalungkot kasi sobrang bata... and wala lang sa kanila kung wala silang suot na top... After from this dancing club, we tried another bar with lady boy gro. Would you believe that there's a girl asked my husband "You like to fuck lady boy?" ugh...

We were at soi 15 and our hotel is in soi 11. We planned to take a taxi but the taxi is asking for 200Baht. I said no way. I can walk.. But then didn't know na malayo pala.. hehehehehe so around 100meters from our hotel, I saw a signage "Thai massage 200". Yun 200Baht na taxi naging 400Baht.. hehehehehe

Third day

Woke up around 7am. We ate our breakfast at the hotel. They had this fresh juice which I really like miski sa street may nagbebenta ng fresh juice na nakalagay sa plastic bottle like yun sa mga mineral water. After our breakfast we had parasailing around 600Baht each. A nice experience indeed.

Around 1130am, the tourist van is waiting at the lobby. We headed back to Bangkok for shopping again... By the way, around Pratunum and Bayoke Sky hotel is the best shopping area. Doon pa lang ubos na oras mo... Every day and every tour I wanted to go back straight to the hotel earlier than 5pm so that I can still have time for shopping.. hehehehehe in Siam Square shopping is so expensive.

Fourth Day

Woke up around 6am. I only took 5 mins to take a bath coz the pick up time of the tourist van is 630am. We went to Ayutthaya - the ancient city o f Thailand. In order to see the headless buddha under a tree cost me around 100Baht by Tuktuk. We went back to Bangkok by a River Cruise... We had a sumptous lunch... Site seeing... Saw the golden buddha which is 24K gold as they say. Went to china town to look for Thai Tea coz for 3 days I really want to have that tea.

Fifth Day

To be continued......