Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My christmas mug

Every "BER" months this is my mug in the office. I've been using this for four years and I got this as a christmas gift from Ercel.

For this year 2008, I guess this will be his last christmas If you will notice, snowman is cracking...

Hoping that I will get a new christmas mug gift.

2008: a busy life

After second quarter of this year is the start of my very busy busy busy life. Not only at work but busy with my new home. It's not as simple like when you're buying a car. Buying a car would just take two to three weeks. VIOLA! you have a new car after you signed the legal papers. But when you're buying a house, whew! so overwhelming! The first time we acquired a house I'm only 23 yrs old. When we moved in wala na akong inasikaso... Since walang kamuwang muwang in short bata pa my dad and the "elders" prepared all the necessary papers and we just signed it all and that's it. But this time, for every single details me and hubby are responsible to make it happen. After signing the legal papers for the bank, they showed us unexpected amount for the fire insurance, document stamps blah blah, tranfer of titles, etc... We just computed the downpayment and when I checked our balances and my cash registers ding " oh ok.. abot naman sa downpayment". But for this unexpected amount ikot ang pwet namin sa paghahagilap ng moolah.... kung mga thousands lang madali lang naman gawan ng paraan pero hundreds of thousands eh... I thought pagkatapos ng mga legal papers tapos na.. When we moved in, ang next problem is pag unpack ng mga nakabox mo na gamit... After two weeks I'm finally settled but we need to apply for meralco and water. I thought again it's just a simple phone line connection with a one month downpayment. Muntik na akong magka-heart attack sa meralco downpayment.. P13,140 and P9,000 for the water... For a few weeks sobrang busy ako sa paghahanap ng pera and was hoping na sana madapa ako at may mapulot akong pera.... Anyway, with God's grace nakabayad naman ako and may mga mabubuting tao pa din na alam kong anjan lang sa tabi ko....

with this busy life God is always been there for us. So many trials comes in but I believe He gave it for a reason. He prepared us to be more mature and responsible. Thank you Lord for all the blessings, trials and love. And to all my real friends you know who you are our DEEPEST Thank you from our heart!

Here's my new home... will update more pics