Sunday, November 16, 2008

Keyanna's Blooper - updates

8. Sunday Nov. 16, 2008
Keyanna is singing and dancing then it reminds me that is the day of Rihanna's and Chris Brown concert at the fort.
Nanay: Beh, concert today ni Rihanna kaso nde ka pwede kasi you're only 5 years old.
Keyanna: Ay! Ang daya! It's just the height!

7. setting: inside our room
keyanna: Nanay I want my haircut because my hair is so ugly na.
Nanay: ok later after Tatay's basketball.
Inside the parlor
*Keyanna is expecting to have a shampoo session before her haircut. Pero dahil tipid mode ako we just have her haircut at focus salon ( inside the subdivision) and not at David's salon. While KC ( yun Badet na manggugupit ) is cutting her hair, keyanna is holding a mirror to check her hair and I noticed that she's not satisfied with her hair. So I told KC what keyanna wants --- Rihanna's latest hair style ( the one with bangs ).
At the parlor while KC is doing the right thing =) I heard someone said "aba marunong na bata" and they are all smiling at me. I told them that she just had her haircut last 2 weeks and this is the second

6. Setting: Me and Keyanna eating our breakfast together then out of the blue she told me:
keyanna: Nanay, alam mo we watched concert last tuesday. I cried.
Nanay: O bakit ka nag-cry?
keyanna: kasi Lovely song eh.
*actually it's not a blooper. I just want this to include in this list becuase her facial expression when she said "lovely" song it reminds me how sweet she is.

5. Christmas season and syempre this is the months for kids as they say "Kid's Month" or Kids's Christmas.. Every christmas Yndee has lots of gifts to open. This year 2008 medyo mas may isip na sya. Everytime she will open a gift she will read it out loud like "To Keyanna. Merry Christmas and happy new year! From Ninong/ninang" and then will say "Kuya I have a present again".

4. Scene: I will attend a party and ask my "BEAUTICIAN" to help me to be look alike of Beyonce. Yndee is quietly observing and she ask:
Yndee: Boy ka ba or girl?
Nanay: Beh girl sya
Yndee: ikaw din girl?

3. Scene: Celebrating new year's eve
Yndee: Tatay new year na... big na ako.. pwede na mag crush?

2. Scene: I scolded yndee for not wearing her slippers so he ask her kuya to get her slippers for her
Yndee: Kuya pakuha nga slippers ko sa babay
Kuya: ok.. wait....
Kuya: Be ( shortcut for baby) nde ko makita eh.
Yndee: Hmpf! ako na nga! ( going down with heavy footsteps .. )

1. Scene: Auntie Lay is playing her PSP. I forgot the game but it's for adults
Yndee: Autie pag big na ako pag may dede na ako pwede na ako play nyan?

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