Wednesday, July 30, 2008

you know tea in the streets with milk?

For three days in Thailand, I've been looking for the tea they are using in their milk tea... Since some of the Thailander can't understand English that well, this is the line that I'm using to describe what I want - thai Tea

There are two styles of Thai iced tea: with or without milk. Tea with milk is called cha yen. Tea without milk is called cha dum yen.

You will see small coffee/tea shops sprinkled all over Thailand. Thai people like their iced tea on the go and take it with them in a small plastic bag with a straw sticking out. Even buying softdrinks, it's in a small plastic bag with crushed ice. Very few people sit at the shop and drink it leisurely. In fact, many shops have no place to sit.

Woohoo.. I'm so happy to have 2 canisters of this Thai Tea...

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