Sunday, July 29, 2007

3rd Day @ Palawan

We're late!!! The receptionist told us that 730 is the call time but then around 710 the shuttle is
waiting for us. Well I just grab the necessary things without thinking what's else to bring but of course MY CAMERA!!!

Sta. Lourdes is the baranggay where the honda bay port is. Our tourist guide choose the larger boat in case for any changes in the weather. Which is more safe for us!!! and MORE IN FAVOR!!! our first drop off "pandan island" there you can see a small community. Less fortunate but then better that the families i saw in Mt. pinatubo.

Would you imagine that island was sold by someone then in a month or 2 no tourist are allowed
to stop by here because of the construction. same as the Luli Island. before it's part of the island hopping but then it was sold to a korean who married a filipina then decided to build a resort.

Starfish island is also sold by the owner of Dos palmas. They gonna built a first class hotel there so next month no tourist is allowed to drop by... oh well.. 19 islands is part of honda bay maybe
after how many years all islands are exclusive to the hotel guest...

By the way in snake island i really enjoyed feeding the FISHES!!! There are school of fish like the one we saw in movie Nemo . The one telling nemo the direction going to sydney... It's really exactly the same I've seen in the movie. When one goes left the school of fish goes left.. I can't help it but i just shout ( of course I took of my goggles ) then pointed Pie what I just saw.

I'm holding 3 monays then patiently waited for the hungry fish but then group of fish came in and started to byte the bread bit by bit.. But then I got scarred cost even a big fish like the size
of tilapia what my officemate is eating at our office. It's different experience from the snorkeling I did in Batangas or Boracay. Just so fantastic. and would love to do it again my my kids.

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