Thursday, October 25, 2007

Carlo's angels

I'm happy to see a simple smile from Carlo's face today. I can still see the pain pero at least he is better than the last time I saw him. We didn't have the chance to have a long talk with Carlo but before his interview someone asked him "Did you get any sign?" I'm not sure what kind of sign medyo 3 seats away kasi ako but then Carlo said he asked for it and he got a text message "a ringing tone" from smart and the song is "fallin" na sobrang na-touch ako... This is one of my favorite song and di ko natiis na medyo tumulo luha ko...

and this is the lyrics of the song:

our litle conversation
are turning into little sweet sensation
and they're only getting sweeter everytime

our friendly get togethers
are turning into visions of forever
if i just believe this foolish heart of mine

i can't pretend
that i'm just a friend
'cause i'm thinking maybe we were meant to be

i think i'm fallin', fallin' in love with you
and i don't, i don't know what to do
i'm afraid you'd turn away
but i'll say it anyway

i think i'm fallin... for you
i'm fallin' for you...

whenever we're together
wishing that goodbyes would turn to never
'cause with you is where i'll always wanna be
whenever i'm beside you
all i really wanna do is hold you
no one else but you has meant this much to me

i cant pretend
that i'm just a friend
'cause i'm thinking maybe we were meant to be

..the pain never truly goes away, it just gets smaller and condensed, tucked away in a corner somewhere in the deep recesses of the heart. There it remains at a constant low level ache, which with time may be overridden. There may be times when a site, a smell, a place, a song, an anniversary or birthday will trigger the old memories and the intensity of the grief and loss will return again. These feelings often arrive without warning and can be just as painful making one feel as though he/she was experiencing the loss anew.

You will embark on a fair sea,
and at times there will be fair weather, but not always.
You will meet storms and overcome them.
You will take it in turns to steer your boat through fair weather and foul. Never lose courage.
Save harbour awaits the end.

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