Monday, October 22, 2007

Gloriettta 2 bombing

This is not the first terrorist attack but then this is the first time where I really felt sadness in my heart. Aroung 1:45 pm October 19 my officemate/friend announce there was a bombing in Glorietta 2. I ignored it and continue with my work. After a few minutes one of my officemate announced that one of our officemate Carlo can't find his wife. I heard it but it didn't sinked in coz I'm really busy with my work but after a few minutes I stopped and I realized that Carlo's wife is missing coz they were at Glorietta 2 and there was a bombing at Glorietta 2. I grabbed my phone and gave Carlo a ring. "Hi Carlo. Anong nangyari?" that is the first word I asked Carlo... "Di ko makita si Leslie. We were supposed to meet at the entrance of Glorietta 2 kung saan yun bombing..." Carlo asked for our prayers na sana Leslie is safe. We called at the hospitals to check if Leslie was admitted and we also checked at the internet the list of names injured on the said bombing... Pero WALA... Every now and then I'm trying to call Carlo para malaman kung nakita ba nya si Leslie. after 4 hours wala pa din... around 7pm when I called Carlo he's really crying and I can't understand any single word from him. All I know is she can't find Leslie. I tried to listen to him and gave him some words that might help him to calm down. BUT HOW??? how can I help the person who can't find his wife? He ended up our call by saying "Sige Maro baka kasi tumatwag na si Leslie" after 10mins tumawag ulit ako... By this time he is calm but still blaming himself of what happened. While we were talking, I heard a voice coming to Carlo and said something... I didn't hear the exact words but Carlo shouted "Whaaatttt??? OH MY GOD!!! ............." and those words confirmed that Leslie died. I was shocked and didn't notice that Carlo hanged up the phone... Seconds bago nag sinked in sa akin na wala na si Leslie. I was driving and I stopped and cried out loud. Iba pala feeling pag may kilala ka na nakasama sa ganun na tragedy. I can't believe in an instant mawawala sya. Few hours ago before the bombing magksama pa sila.

I drive fast going home to see my kids and hug them.... Sobrang natakot ako na mawala mahal ko sa buhay... I wanted to hug Pie but then he's in Ireland. I just prayed and ask his grace to make us safe everyday and may we always have a happy life with each other.

May God bless all the soulds of the innocent died and may they find peace.

Condolences to Carlo and his family. God will always be there for you and for Amber. Just keep your faith and you'll never go wrong.

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