Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Testing my new phone

From Boracay to Sta. Lucia.....

Nagha-hang na kasi phone ko so Pie decided to get a new phone for me kasi baka daw wala pa akong kitain sa phone na ito pag di ko pa pinalitan. So after dropping off my sister and her husband we go straight to sta. lucia. After almost 4 years say byebye to my 6630 phone. I bought this phone around 30+++ but then binili lang sya for 4 thou!!! my gosh!!! That's why I decided not spend money for just a PHONE... Now I'm using Ericsson k550i cybershot daw... sobrang hirap magdecide what phone.. Before gusto ko PDA/phone pero napapaisip ako kasi super mahal and isang lens na yon.... tapos sabi ko kay Pie Motorolla na lang kasi pang text and twag lang naman... kaso pag bumibili ako 3 months warranty lang binibigay... ( ang arte noh! for the price of 6thou hahanapan mo ng warranty ) anyway I end up buying this ericsson kasi nga cybershot daw... hehehehehe

What a nice feature in this phone is I can post straight from my phone... hehehehehe

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aya said...

yes ate yan na ang usong phone d2 with cybershot cam...hi-tech noh?? hehe