Wednesday, October 29, 2008

El Nido Planning

Few more days and November is fast approaching... I've been so busy in the office ( what's new???!!!! ) I already have the contact number of the van that will take us to El Nido from Puerto Princesa. I've got the list of the accomodations available in El Nido.

Here's the list of the Islands in El Nido.

Tour A

  • Small laggon
  • Big Lagoon
  • Simezu Island
  • Intalula
Tour B
  • Snake Island
  • Pinasil
  • Cudungon cave
  • Inagbuyutan

Tour C
  • matinloc
  • Taiputan ( Secret Beach )

Tour D
  • paradise island
  • Ugbuyan bay
  • Commando
Well, the resort said that you can have a combination of all tours and of course a different fee....

I already have the proposal of Dos Palmas for our Puerto Princesa Tour. So all I need is to pay.... hmm.. payment?? I will wait till I got the extra money we're waiting.. hehehehe

I still need to finalize our accomodation at El Nido. Minoloc and Lagen is really a nice resort but definitely out of my budget.. ( Lee will not agree in case I will insist but he's targetting Amanpulo next time.. woohoo!!! ). El Dorado is nice and also on top of my list is Lally and Abet Resort.

This will be our last travel for the year.... Hmmm.. where will be our next???

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