Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bangkok Trip Planning

This will be our 7th year anniversary celebration and for the first time abroad. Before I was able to finalized this trip sobrang daming discussions.. hehehehe Originally Macau but if Macau kailangan side trip ng Hongkong but then for Hongkong trip KIDS must go with us which is our promise to them if Yndee reach her height of 48inches we will go to Hongkong Disneland. 48 inches because it is the minimum height limit of some rides but since Yndee is exactly 48 inches and there will be a possibility that in some rides requires higher than 48 inches so finally Bangkok.

So far, I already have the confirmation for our transportation. The taxi driver's name is kasem. I had a difficulty with my conversation to him but then with much patience and talking slowly I was able to finalized the date and time of our arrival.

I aslo got a map of bangkok and the list of the tourist spot. I also have the list of possible accomodation and will just decide a few days or weeks from now.

Hoping to have a great anniversary in Bangkok... but of course SHOPPING!

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