Wednesday, May 7, 2008

to upgrade or not????

again I'm in a dilemma of gear itch.. hahahahaha yes gear itch again. The first time I got my first DSLR someone asked me "After how many months you are planning to upgrade?" I told him "Ngek... Baka first and last ko na ito!" but then after a few months I was holding my new D200.

But know after reading some reviews an idea of upgrading is trying to pop out!!! I hate reading reviews coz it triggers my "rashes". I have this commandment since D300 came out in the market "Though shall not read any review" but I failed!!!! I hate for not having task at work coz I can't help it to not googling around in the internet. And now look what I got???? gear itch and "TL" with D300. I don't even tried to check out some of my friends D300 because I'm avoiding temptation....

So help me God.

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