Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fair or Unfair

I was supposed to blog the time I got my son's entrance exam schedule at Ateneo pero I just decided na wag na lang but for this time I want to vent out how I feel.

He took the exam last March 31 and April 1. Day one is for IQ and Reading and Day two is for math and science. I'm confident that he can pass the exam. He's been a consistent achiever in school. Though I'm confident I still ask for HIS guidance.

I've been anxious for the past few weeks and I can't wait to get hold of the test result. They said that not later than April 18 we will receive the mail. April 25 I called the school to ask the result.

"Hi. Good morning. Just want to ask the test result of my son who tookd the entrance exam for grade one."

"Sorry maam but his name is not in the list."

After hearing those words I just say "ok thank you" pero as a mother I felt so sad for my son. I don't know what will I tell him if he ask about it. For a few minutes I was spaced-out.

Last sunday monday, May 5 Lee decided to tell nathan about the result. I can't take it to see nathan cried and saying "Nag-isip naman ako tapos may mali pa". Di ko alam kung malalalag ba ang puso ko or ano. I don't know kung paano ko i-eexplain sa kanya kung saan sya nagkamali kasi as stated:

The actual test scores of the applicant are confidential. Needless to say, they
are not released to the parents.

He even had a sticker like BRAVO and STAR during his exam so expected nya siguro ok ang exam nya. I even asked him how's the exam sabi nya madali lang naman. As a mom di ko alam kung paano ko talaga mae-explain sa kanya. Para nga naman unfair kasi di ko masabi kung ano mali nya. It would have been easier for them to accept if they know what they did wrong kaso wala akong proof. Sobrang excited sya sana lumipat. Before the exam we let him see the campus para ma-inspire. He saw the soccer field, the basketball court and other school facilities.

Unfair for my son pero school rules kasi but then I know we still have the right to know the result to gauge my son's performance and to know where we should focus for improvement.

Don't worry anak though we didn't make it, it doesn't mean that you're not good. I still believe na you're still the best.

I'm hesitant if we will try again next school year. Let's see. But for now nanay and tatay will make sure that you're the BEST. I love you anak and I'm very proud of you for doing good last school year. Keep it up!


leonore said...

Really...sometimes things do happen not in the way we wanted it to be...but anyways...there's life ahead for Nathan...maybe more doors will be left opened for such a boy like him! Go, go, go!

leonore said...

Read the bamboo story... :)