Sunday, May 25, 2008

Testing my Aurora 300 watts

Pie is so busy with his work and I'm in the house can't think of anything to do but to test this 300 watts strobe lights... I set it up then my kids volunteered to be my model... so what happened is I just enjoyed clicking my shutter with my kids doing the pose. I didn't give any instructions to them they just position their self and then click click click. Keyanna is not contented so she went down and change her clothes then borrowed my sunglass then pose!


nokk said...

Shucks!!! ka Yndee...don't rush things...enjoy your time...hahaha...parang little dalaga....waaahhh!!! Baby ka pa! Baby ka pa!!!

nokk said...

Grabeeeee!!!! I see a young lady in you!!!! Stop it!!!! mana sa Auntie A :)