Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Cut

This is his first time to have a summer cut and I feel so sorry for him coz its stressful for them to have him groom in a pet salon.

Hearing his shrill bark tells me that he hate his barber coz the barber is pulling his beard just to be able to hold him still... grrrrrr

Anyway I like the new scent they gave him. It's not the usual pet cologne but too expensive - 650 pesos.. But I will buy it next time coz I just got a new cologne for him which was on sale... heheheheh

Good thing that they didn't put any ribbon on his ears coz the last time I have him groomed they put tiny red ribbon and I told them "Bakit may ribbon? Ginawa nyo naman bakla" but to tell you honestly he's cute with that ribbon.. hahahahaha

1 comment:

leonore said...

Arf...arf! The fur that looks good on me...hehehe! :)